Sampling is realized once during the winter season, due to snow coverage. Sampling took place in February 2019. Samples were taken from 11 springs because the 12th spring was covered with snow. Oxygen concentration, oxygen saturation, temperature, pH, conductivity and estimate of representation of each substrate type were measered. Samples of makroinvertebrates and the water samples were collected for analyses of BPK and determining the concentration of ammonium ions, phosphates, nitrates and nitrites.The samples were than transported in the laboratory for analysis.

The total number of recorded individuals was 849, belonging to 14 families. The best-represented families were Chironomidae with 383 individuals and Gammaridae with 131 individuals. The final report will include a detailed report on recorded species and results of chemical analyses.

Promotion of project was successfully realised in Primary school “Car Konstantin”  in the city of Niš.

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